If you want to get into juicing and don’t want it to take up a lot of your time then you are going to want to get a centrifugal juicing machine. And when it comes to the world’s best centrifugal juicers, you simply should look no further than a Breville. Their line of juicing machines are second to none which is why they are the most popular and best selling models available. They are the fastest, best constructed, most modern looking, and dependable juicers on the market. Let’s take a closer look at some of the aspects of Breville juicers that makes them a top choice.


Centrifugal juicing is the fastest method for extracting juice from fruits and vegetables. The cutting discs inside of these machines spin at thousands of RPM which enables them to really devour anything that is dropped into them. As opposed to masticating juicers which tend to operate below 100RPM, centrifugal juicers are going to be the best choice for anyone that is in a hurry. most of Breville’s juicers operate between 6500 and 13000RPM making them the ultimate powertool for juicing.


Stainless steel parts make for a durable machine. Breville makes their juicers from the casing to the filters and cutting discs out of this material to ensure years of reliable use. It also looks nice, and it gives these juicers a very modern style that goes well in any kitchen.

Wide Feed Chute

No one really likes to spend a lot of time juicing and this includes food prep. Most juicer guides may overlook this aspect but it is an important feature to consider. With a larger feed chute on all of the juice extractors, you are able to drop larger sized pieces of produce without having to spend the time to cut them into small pieces. This makes the entire process a lot more convenient and time efficient.

Quick Review of the BJE510XL

This machine is a high speed 900 watt centrifugal juicer that comes with a large number of speeds and a large juicing capacity so you can be sure you and your family will have as much juice as you need. Making light work of even hard fruit and vegetables, this juicer will be a useful addition to your home.

Features & Specifications

The Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain comes with a wide range of features that make it stand out from the crowd. These features include:

• 5 speeds, which range from 6,500 rpm up to 12,500 rpm so you benefit from maximum extraction when you need it.
• A 3 inch circular feed tube which will help you fit a large range of fruits and vegetables in the juicer so you won’t have to slice them up so much.
• A backlit control panel that makes using the juicer so much easier when there’s little light.
• Dishwasher safe parts, which make for easier cleaning.
• Detachable spout so you can get into the juicer and retrieve those blocked bits of fruit if you need to. The detachable spout also makes cleaning the juicer so much easier.
• A 1.2 liter juice jug that is able to hold approximately 4 or 5 servings every time.
• A stainless steel body which is easy to clean
• Measuring 16.8” x 15.5 x 10.25 inches, making it a good sized juicer that isn’t too big to sit in your kitchen.

Pros & Cons

Some of the high and low points of this machine are as follows:


The juicer has a fast extraction rate which means you end up with more juice and less waste
The pulp is left very dry, and can be used on the compost
The juicer is relatively quiet as compared to other similar juicers
No big mess to clear up afterwards


Very soft fruits can clog up the blades from time to time, leaving you wanting an option whereby you can bypass this method and simply add them to the blender.

The Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain is a little more expensive than some, and it may add as a deterrent to those who wish to purchase a high powered, multi-speed juicer.


The Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain is a great looking juicer that has a nice stainless steel finish, which will look good in just about any kitchen. The speed range is excellent, and you can expect to be able to use a wide variety of fruits and vegetables quickly and without much difficulty. Because it is a centrifugal juicer, you can be sure that it will give you the maximum amount of juice possible, and leave dry pulp that can easily be removed.

This is a juicer that will work hard to give you tasty juice every single day, in a short space of time. If you need a reliable juicer that looks good and can give you more than a liter of juice a time, then this is the one for you.

Breville’s Award Winning Line of Juicers

The BJE510XL is just one of the superior juicers in the Breville’s line of juicing machines. With that said, buying a new juicer can be one of the best purchases you make for your kitchen. Which ever one that you choose, you are sure to get a speed demon that was design to impress and deliver a nutrient dense glass of juice. For speed and power, your only choice is going to be a Breville.

Want to see the Breville BJE510XL in action? Check out this video review to see exactly what this modern juicing machine can offer you in the kitchen.